Caasify is FREE for Hosting Componies
Our income will come from providers such as data centers in the form of purchase commissions.

Caasify Pricing for Hosting Companies

Hosting companies do not need to pay any fees to use Caasify. The place where hosting companies earn profit is through the same commission they receive from customers when selling products available in the Caasify Marketplace. The amount and percentage of commission are determined by the hosting company itself. For example, a hosting company can decide to sell products available in the Caasify Marketplace to its customers with a 20% profit margin. To sell Caasify products, hosting companies need to first top up their balance on the Caasify website and then transfer a portion of their balance to each customer and receive payment for it, so that the end customer can purchase products available in the Caasify Marketplace.

Cash flow in Caasify

How does money transfered amoung End Users, DataCenters and Hosting Company in CAASIFY

Caasify only takes 5% of the money that data centers earn when they sell services on our network. Additionally, hosting providers can adjust their product prices to cover this commission. Then, people buy the services from the hosting providers, which brings in revenue for the data centers.

caasify pricing caasify pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to sell the products available in the Caasify Marketplace on your website, you need to top up an amount in your Caasify website account. This amount will then be used to pay the service provider

PayPal and credit card gateway and IBAN are available.

Yes, you can request at any time to have the balance in your Caasify account deposited into your bank account.

There is no limitation on the amount for topping up the account, and it can be as low as 1 euro.

The cost of Caasify products is based on a pay-as-you-go or hourly payment model. Buyers pay for the services based on their usage.