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The first web hosting marketplace

We as Caasify think that to grasp the difficulties of any job, it's important to have professional experience in that field. Now that we have this understanding, we can provide help to our old ex-colleagues in webhosting industry.


When did the concept of Caasify first emerge?

Because we've worked as a web hosting company, we noticed a chalenging problem in the market that also affected us negatively. This issue has been around since hosting companies first started. So, we made a decision to create the ultimate solution for everyone in this field by establishing our own platform named Caasify. It's a place where everyone in the hosting industry can find all the services and resources they need in one unified marketplace.

Caasify is a marketplace designed for data centers and hosting companies. This marketplace connects end-users with various suppliers, enabling them to purchase different hosting products from one local seller, eliminating the need to search for multiple suppliers.


The Caasify marketplace can solve all burdens!

Why choose us

We demonstrate our qualities to convince you.

Caasify provides several unique opportunities for both data centers and hosting companies:

  • If you're a data center, you can easily list your resources on our marketplace for sale.
  • If you're a hosting company, you can sell data center resources directly on your website and generate revenue.
  • Caasify serves data centers by empowering them to showcase their services
  • Caasify enables hosting companies to earn revenue by selling data centers services in the most efficient manner.
  • Whether you're a data center or a hosting company there will be no initial fee to use Caasify. Simply top up your account on our website to start selling services available in our marketplace to your customers hassle-free.