Frequently Asked Questions
You can find pretty much anything you need to know about Caasify. However, if you need more information, feel free to mention it.

Caasify is a marketplace for data centers and hosting companies. Hosting companies can sell data center products on their website without any cost and receive a commission for selling data center products.

  • If you're a data center, you can list your resources on the Caasify Marketplace for sale.
  • If you're a hosting company, you can sell data center resources on your website and earn revenue.

We intend to provide every type of cloud service in the Caasify Marketplace, including virtual servers, Docker, storage, dedicated servers, and more.

There is no initial fee to use Caasify. You only need to top up your account on the Caasify website to sell the services available in the Caasify Marketplace to your customers.

You can install the Caasify module in WHMCS or WiseCP without any technical knowledge, simply in a few minutes. Alternatively, if needed, you can request installation assistance from the support section.

Hosting companies often use WHMCS or WiseCP for sales purposes. The Caasify module is a module specifically written for WHMCS or WiseCP, enabling connectivity and sales through Caasify.

Caasify is suitable for data centers and hosting companies. Data centers can sell their services in this marketplace, and hosting companies can earn revenue by selling data center services.

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