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Caasify is an unique solution for Data Centers and Hosting companies. By using Caasify, hosting companies can access data centers' resources all over the world, whereas the Data Centers’ resources will be sold by over a thousand hosting companies.

caasify chart caasify chart
caasify chart

What is Caasify ?

The powerful API gateway of Caasify can seamlessly connect to any API service, enabling you to sell any cloud service. Whether you are a hosting company or a service provider, such as CDN, Data Center, or any other type of cloud service, Caasify is an excellent marketplace for you.

caasify connection to datacenters

We are aware of your Hosting
company’s difficulties:

  • Lack of Diverse Services
  • Limited Geographical Locations
  • Technical Expertise
  • Massive Business Expansion Costs
  • No focus on core business
caasify hosting issue
caasify hosting issue
caasify data centers

Data Centers’ challenges
that Caasify tackles:

  • Unused Resources
  • Customer Service Challenges
  • The Necessity of Marketing for Sales Boost
  • Language Support Difficulties
  • Unable to Provide Diverse Services
caasify data centers

It’s time to change

Unified cloud marketplace that connects Hostings and Data Centers

  • Hostings need no technical knowledge Hosting
  • Hostings can sell cloud services without ownership
  • Data Centers can sell resources without marketing
  • Hostings can sell unlimited geographical locations
caasify connect data centers

Caasify Providers Locations on Map

Any service from any location is available on the Caasify marketplace.

caasify location on map

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Integrate any web hosting or cloud service to Caasify marketplace

WHMCS / WiseCP Module integrated with Caasify

For ease of connecting to Caasify, we've designed a module for every popular CRM. By installing the Caasify module on two popular CRMs, WHMCS or WiseCP , you can easily connect to the Caasify gateway. With this gateway on your site, you can sell all Caasify Marketplace products under your company name on your website.The installation and use process of the Caasify module is designed in a way that you can install it and start selling in less than a few minutes without the need for any technical expertise. To use this module, you need a reseller token, which you can obtain by registering on the Caasify website. Next, simply download the latest version of the module from GitHub and install it on your store's hosting.

Virtualizor, AutoVM, SolusVM integrated with Caasify

If you're using one of these platforms (Virtualizor, AutoVM, SolusVM), you can connect your server resources to the Caasify Marketplace . This means your resources can be sold by other hosting companies. Not only can you sell resources from other hosting companies and data centers on your website, but you can also sell your server resources to other hosting companies, creating a new income stream for you. Doing this only takes a few minutes and doesn't require any technical knowledge.

DigitalOcean, Vultr, Hetzner integrated with Caasify

By entering the Caasify Marketplace, you can easily sell resources from reputable cloud providers on your website and earn income this way. The number of cloud providers we have is increasing daily, and we intend to add several reputable providers from each location to the marketplace. Some of the cloud providers available in the Caasify Marketplace include Vultr, DigitalOcean, OVH, Hetzner, Linode , and others. By installing the Caasify module in your WHMCS/WiseCP, you can sell their resources.

Start excelling your hosting business today without any cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Caasify is a marketplace for data centers and hosting companies. Hosting companies can sell data center products on their website without any cost and receive a commission for selling data center products.

  • If you're a data center, you can list your resources on the Caasify Marketplace for sale.
  • If you're a hosting company, you can sell data center resources on your website and earn revenue.

We intend to provide every type of cloud service in the Caasify Marketplace, including virtual servers, Docker, storage, dedicated servers, and more.

There is no initial fee to use Caasify. You only need to top up your account on the Caasify website to sell the services available in the Caasify Marketplace to your customers.

You can install the Caasify module in WHMCS or WiseCP without any technical knowledge, simply in a few minutes. Alternatively, if needed, you can request installation assistance from the support section.

Hosting companies often use WHMCS or WiseCP for sales purposes. The Caasify module is a module specifically written for WHMCS or WiseCP, enabling connectivity and sales through Caasify.

Caasify is suitable for data centers and hosting companies. Data centers can sell their services in this marketplace, and hosting companies can earn revenue by selling data center services.