What is Caasify ?

Caasify is a marketplace that links data centers and hosting providers. Hosting companies can simply sell services offered by different data centers to their clients through this marketplace without having to invest money or hire technical staff, nor do they have to own the services. For instance, a hosting company that makes use of the Caasify marketplace can offer its own clients virtual servers, storage, and database services from data centers like Hetzner without having to get in touch with the Hetzner data center directly. The services offered by a single data center, like OVH, Hetzner, etc..., are not the only services that the Caasify marketplace can provide. You can sell a range of products from various data centers and their varied services by signing up with Caasify.

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Why do your customers need Caasify marketplace ?

The need for a range of services in the private hosting market was the primary driver behind the creation of this unified marketplace, as smaller hosting companies were unable to compete with larger platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or any other major hosting provider with their own data center infrastructures. Additional reasons arose from knowledge gaps, limited time, and the challenges associated with launching a new service and adding it to hosting companies' product lists.

Caasify's financial system operates on a Pay-as-you-go model, meaning hosting companies can sell Caasify marketplace services on an hourly payment basis. Under this model, businesses only pay for the time that they utilize the services, as opposed to having to pay a set amount up front. For instance, a user can charge ten euros to their account, buy a one-hour VPS service from AWS Data Center, and then delete the VPS; in this scenario, their balance will only be reduced by the amount used during that hour.


How much does the Caasify marketplace cost?

Easy to Start

How does Caasify work and how should I connect to it?

Connecting to Caasify is designed to require the least amount of technical knowledge for installation and setup by hosting companies. For ease of installation, a module has been designed for your hosting customer management system, such as WHMCS and WISE, which can be installed in less than five minutes. This WHMCS module connects you to the Caasify marketplace. After installing this module, a menu is added to your website, allowing your customers to log in and purchase from all products available on the Caasify marketplace.